About EDG Fitness

I bet you expected to find the typical boring corporate style spiel here that you will find on almost every business’s site. We could do that, sure! but let’s not.

What is EDG

Yes EDG Fitness is a company that helps people much like yourself get fit, mostly through online coaching. It’s small. It’s personal. The point of it’s existence is to cut out the bullshit that so much of the fitness industry uses to dupe people out of money. Instead we will help you get stronger, get healthy, look better and save time.

Why Fitness Matters and Why EDG?

Commitment to a goal makes people better, addressing your weaknesses will make you a more confident person and give you more energy to do the things you want to do.

The #1 priority at EDG is to keep you on track and keep you progressing which takes commitment not only from you the client but from us. We are here to serve you and go the extra mile rather than just tow the company line at a big box gym. Your progress, your word of mouth and your enthusiasm for the changes we help you achieve are what keep us in business. YOU are our priority because you deserve the body that makes all your exes jealous.