Meet Rick

Who am I?

My name is Rick Elnor and I am humbled by the fact that instead of all the wonderful and cool things you could be doing you are here, reading about me and why I love what I do.

Before I began working in the fitness industry I was a software developer, and security consultant. I loved tech —hell I still do— but the grind of development, some amazing advice from friends and family, and my love of fitness helped guide me onto a much more fulfilling career path. A path where I get to make a real, meaningful difference in the lives of people just like you.

It’s amazing.

The Origin Story of Me

Like many, I was a scrawny thirteen year old kid with dreams of looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger and fighting like Bruce Lee. I didn’t get far on my own but the next year upon my entrance into the 9th grade I found an outlet for frustration and stress in the form of the high school weight room. With my dedication and interest came great encouragement and help from my Phys. Ed. teacher. After school he would often hand me his keys to the undersized room filled with iron, expecting nothing more than an update on my workout progress and a tidy weight room come gym the next morning.

What started as a way to “be like Arnold” soon turned into a way to connect with, and help others. My workouts became a chance to teach fellow students proper movement technique and pass on methodologies of losing fat and gaining muscle. Nearly 20 years later the passion to lift and teach is still strong. The methods I employ are more effective and the lessons I have since learned have opened my eyes to the great potential of anyone with the drive to reach their goals.  I will forever be greatful of the foundation that I gained in that tiny, small town, school weight room.

What Makes Me a Great Coach?

I know what it’s like to fail.

I don’t just read the scientific studies, I test the methods. I have tried and failed more fitness and nutrition methods than I thought possible when I started, because not everything works for the long-term. Even with research nothing seems concrete. I’ve been there, tried them all and proven what works and what doesn’t

It is my desire to pass on that experience to you and save you the confusion (and some money).

I also know what it’s like to work around and rehab major injuries and physical limitations

Due to an unfortunate auto accident I have 2 pins in my left hip and an IM rod with three pins in my right leg (car accidents are not a recommended or endorsed life experience), but that doesn’t stop me! And it doesn’t have to stop you. Having experienced and overcome daunting personal Injuries and physical limitations, I am equipped to recommend the best way to help you work thru limitations and improve your physical abilities without an increased risk of further complications. Everybody starts somewhere. It’s up to you where you finish

Finally, I know how to help you supercharge your path to success and minimize the roadblocks

Identifying and rectifying the things that hold YOU back is what I love to do. Be it on the nutrition front, the training front or a mental sticking point, I am there to help you past the stumbling block.

Life Beyond Training

Fitness is important but for me life is about balance. As a single dad the most important thing of all is being there for my son, now and as he grows up. It’s a life that involves birthday cakes and ice cream on a hot summer’s day. Knowing how to make fitness fit a hectic and complicated lifestyle is something I take pride in and you can too. You don’t have to sacrifice life’s greatest experiences to have rock hard abs or a butt that makes heads turn like a twister in a trailer park, you just have to be a member of Team EDG.