Online Coaching

It is my job to help YOU get exactly what you are looking for. That’s what coaching is all about.

Need to lose some fat?

We can do it!

Want to lift more and run faster?

Rick's arm

I got you!

look hot and feel energized?

Hell ya, lets do it!

Or maybe you want to compete, like this:


When it comes to fitness I’m here to make your desires a reality.

No matter what your goal is and what challenges stand in your way we can get there together (Ok, I can’t make you an NFL superstar without the genetics to match but hear me out).

The feeling of achievement you will have as you surpass your goals will boost your confidence, you WILL improve, and it WILL change your life.

The path to a more fit you isn’t just about your physical body. It’s about self improvement as a whole and becoming the person you want to be. You deserve to be the new and improved you!.

Sounds Great, But What’s Online Coaching?

Online Coaching is a little different for each client as everyone deserves a personalized approach. Cookie cutter plans and “systems” can only take you so far. Below is a general outline of our most common plans and their features, to give you an idea of what we provide. Of course what we really provide is the knowledge and accountability to get a rockin’ bod!

What Do I Get With You As My Coach?

With EDG it isn’t just about diet and training. Our approach starts by defining goals, identifying the roadblocks that stand in the way of those goals and devising ways to beat those roadblocks into submission. It’s not about just doing it or “sucking it up”, you deserve better than that! Sure you get training program design and strategies to optimize your dietary intake but you also get support. For some it’s via phone consultation, for others it’s via Voxxer or email. We work with you to decide what you need. It’s not about avoiding take out or skipping the birthday cake. Our strategies are designed to fit your lifestyle rather than consume it. As we like to say, get busy living, or get busy dying.

What you get is a customized solution that encompasses the psychological, physical and time challenges that you face. A solution that changes as you change, a solution that makes you a stronger, sexier, more awesome human!

You deserve a personal touch so let’s get started today!