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WTF is a Calorie?

Introduction It seems that everybody has a different idea of what should or should not be eaten, where your Calories should be coming from or if we should be tracking Calories at all. With fear often being used to justify nutritional dogma, it's important that we understand the basics of nutrition. My goal in this article is to shed some light on the most basic concepts we are presented when first looking at dietary intake and the study of nutrition from the biological perspective; energy balance and "Calories". This article is not an all-in-one explanation of weight gain or loss, it [...]

In Defense of Science

I often get approached both with praise and negativity for my reliance on scientific research. The requests I make to others for research to support the claims they state as facts rarely go over well however. Regardless, questioning the validity of information is an important part of the learning process. Though it is nice to hear from those who have benefited from my pursuit of what I like to call proof based nutrition and training strategies, I feel it is necessary to explain why I (and some others in the fitness community) take a science based approach to training, nutrition and [...]

Stop Blaming the Client for Your Coaching Failures!

As I hit my third set of Bulgarian Split Squats during what has been an uninspiring lower body workout on a Saturday, my mind wanders from the task at hand — I overhear two personal trainers speaking about a client in what has become an all too typical scenario lately. The following is a short transcript with names removed to protect the identities of all involved: Trainer #1: I can't help but laugh. I have one client in particular who isn't a beginner but is still a total train wreck. It's sooooo frustrating. I'll tell her to push press dumbbells [...]

The 7 rules to look great naked

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